Prescription Medication Abuse Toolkit for School Personnel

Communities That Care of Lorain County has developed a Prescription Drug Abuse Toolkit.  The resources below are appropriate for school personnel (including teachers, coaches, extra-curricular activity directors, guidance counselors, administrators):





  •  Pill Decoder– pictures of pills and dosages of commonly abused pharmaceuticals in actual size

  • NIDA for Educators – Use these animated illustrations, quizzes, activities, and games to test your students’ knowledge, clarify concepts, and make learning fun through interaction.

  • MacNeil/Lehrer Productions is developing the.News, an in-school news broadcast for high school and middle school students and teachers that will emphasize 21st Century learning objectives. the.News will include regular health awareness features. Media Broadcast

  • Prescription Drugs poster – 15″ x 20″ poster in muted colors on proper use vs. abuse for prescription drugs

  • Mind over Matter:  Prescription Drugs – 4″ x 5″ color 4-pane brochure includes basic information on how the brain responds to prescription drugs.  Interesting and useful showing the physical effects of drug abuse

  • Educator’s:  Maximizing Your Role as a Teen Influencer about Prescription Drugs– includes 10 things that educators can do to make a difference.  It also lists many additional resources.  Free registration for the toolkit